Simply remove the cover and pull out the ladder to unfold the tent. Now, focus on the rest of camp. 


Roughing it is overrated. We've added plush bedding, LED lighting, USB ports, and many other great features.


No matter your vehicle's shape or size, we have tents to fit any size adventure.


CVT tents have ample sleeping space and a full-size annex room that comes standard with every tent.

The CVT Difference


Stay ahead of the curve.

Our rooftop tents set up in minutes and get you off the ground and up where the views are. It’s like staying in a hotel, but better—’cause check-in is wherever, and check-out is whenever you feel like.

The quality of your adventure starts with quality products.

Our product quality is no joke and very important to us. Rugged and refined, our tents are built to last through the years in any condition Mother Earth dares throw at you.

What does quality matter without great service?

Like quality, we take service very seriously. Our company is built on family principles and we pride ourselves as being known as the customer service brand. Ask anyone; they’ll tell you we go beyond the barriers of standard customer service.

Family is everything.

There's a reason #CVTfamily has thousands of photos on Instagram: our customers mean everything to us. They're a part of our family. Without our community, we have no foundation to grow. And without family, we have no support to stay standing. Join our family.

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Stargazer Skylight

Available on every model.

Enjoy the night sky with the convenience of not having to remove the rainfly. Or remove the rainfly and stand up through the top for better views.


equipped with every tent

Every tent we make is equipped with the same windows and window awnings that can be fully opened or closed to make any weather condition comfortable.

Anti-Condensation Mat

Available in the Summit Line

Condensation happens when its colder outside of the tent then inside. But our Anti-Condensation mat is the best solution for moisture management.

Sleeping Area - Mt. Shasta

Our 2+ person tent

The Mt. Shasta comfortably sleeps 2+ people with a sleeping pattern wider then a full size bed and 8 feet long. Think of the "+" as kids, pups & gear.

Sleeping Area - Mt. Rainier

Our 3+ Person Tent

The Mt. Rainier comfortably sleeps 3+ people with a mattress wider then a California King and 8 feet long. Think of the "+" as kids, pups & gear.

Sleeping Area - Mt. Denali

Our 4+ person tent

The Mt. Denali comfortable sleeps 4+ people with a mattress wider then a king and 8 feet long. Think of the "+" as kids, pups & gear.

Sleeping Area - Mt. Bachelor

Our 2 person tent

The Mt. Bachelor comfortably sleeps two people with a sleeping pattern of 4' x 8'. Think of it as wider then a twin bed but 8 feet long.

Shoe Bags

Available in the Summit Line

Shoes can be wet & dirty. They also bring unwanted moisture into the tent that can cause condensation. So keep the outside, outside.

LED Lighting

Available in the Summit Line

LED lighting is another awesome upgrade our Summit Line Tents come with. Plug the tent into your vehicles cigarette lighter for power.

Sliding Ladder

Available in the Pioneer Line

Our entire Pioneer line comes with the aluminum sliding ladder. Simply pull the ladder out until it clicks into place, and unfold your tent.

Telescoping Ladder

Available in the Summit Line

This fully adjustable, telescoping ladder is another upgraded feature with the Summit Line. But is also available to purchase for your Pioneer Line.

Diamond Plated Floor

Available in the Summit Line

Every tent in the Summit Line is reinforced with a double sided diamond plate floor that has woven aluminum honeycomb for a fully insulated floor.


Standard with the Pioneer Line

The Pioneer Line comes with a light-weight plastic flooring. But don't be fooled, this floor is still rated up to 950 pounds.

Extreme Fabric

Summit Line

Our Summit Line fabric is a whopping 480 grams. The heaviest in roof-top-tents, this fabric is ready for natures most extreme conditions.


Pioneer Line

Our Pioneer Line fabric weighs in at 380 grams. Made of a rip-stop poly/canvas, this is a 4-season tent and ready for your next adventure.

Pioneer Line

4-season ready

The Pioneer Line is our longest running tent line and has been adapting for the elements since its birth. Light in weight, overbuilt & ready to roam.

Summit Line Upgrade

Taking it to the extreme

Simply put, the Summit Line Upgrade is insane. Upgraded fabric, flooring, LED lighting, & USB ports barely scratches the surface of what it offers.

Annex Room

for a standard fly

The Annex Room for a Standard Fly is designed to go behind the ladder(s), creating a separate room for gear and/or guests.

Annex Room

For an extended vestibule

The annex room on an Extended Vestibule allows the ladder(s) to be inside, making your tent a 2-story experience.

Extended Vestibule

For added comfort

An Extended Vestibule (available in every model) adds protection from rain and allows the ladder to be on the inside of the annex room when in use.

Standard Fly

for a not-so-standard tent

A Standard Fly (available in every model) allows for quicker setup & breakdown time and is slightly lighter then an Extended Vestibule


in the Pioneer Line

"pioneer mattress content here."

Short Rack

Available for any CVT Trailer

For those who don't use their annex room, a short rack is a great option to keep your tent lower to the ground for easy opening/closing.

Tall Rack

Available for any CVT Trailer

Designed with the optimal height setting for Annex Room use, the tall rack option also adds additional space between the tent and trailer lid.

Timbren Ind. - Independent Suspension

Axle-less trailer suspension

Built to go anywhere, our trailers are paired nicely with a set of Timbren Independent bushing-arm suspension. Timbren's 3500HD axles to be exact.

Adjustable/Removable Tongue

standard on all CVT Trailers

CVT Trailers come with a tongue that can be extended out 2.5 feet for extra length and even fully removed so it can't be stolen. Take that thieves!

LED Lighting

standard on all CVT trailers

We want people to see you when it matters most. That's why we equipped every CVT Trailer with front to back LED lighting, including side markers.

Easy Setup

Comfort is a breeze.

By taking off the cover and unfolding your tent, you're only a few minutes away from a comfortable nights sleep.

Get Off The Ground

leave the outdoors, outside.

Elevate your camping experience. The ground can be cold, wet, & even house some unwanted tent guests.

Quality Fabric

4-season use and beyond.

Ranging from 280G up to 380G, our tents start as a 4-season ready setup that can be upgraded to handle any situation Mother Nature throws at you.

Bring The Comforts Of Home

Roughing it is overrated.

Equipped with LED lighting, USB ports for device charging & a plush foam mattress, you'll start to think of your tent as a studio apartment.

Rock Multiple Tents

A guestroom on your rig?!

A second tent is an option available for most pickups and large SUV's. A perfect setup for those who like a little privacy and/or have a large family.

Multiple Mounting Options

There's a will, and a way.

All of our tents mount to everything from cross-bars to lumber racks. No matter what vehicle you have, we have a tent that will fit it.

Sleeping Area

Find a size that fits all.

Ranging in sizes from 2 person up to 4+, we have a size that fits you and your family.

Annex Room

Use of the annex is optional

Our Annex rooms come for free with each and every tent model purchase. Use it on an Extended Vestibule to create a literal 2-story experience.

Fly Options

Standard vs. Extended

When using the annex room, a Standard Fly attaches it behind the ladder while the Extended allows the ladder to be inside the annex.

USB Ports

Available in the Summit Line

A day without social media?! Not anymore. Keep your phones charged with the Summit Line's USB ports.


Summit Line

The Summit Line upgrade comes with an upgraded mattress, too! With a higher density foam and a waterproof cover, this mattress can take some abuse.

Rock Sliders

Protect your goods.

We built the CVT trailer with 14 gauge steel where it matters most. Bounce it off rocks and tow it over whatever you can find. It can handle it.